Monday, August 25, 2008

Social Networks on the road

Twitter, Plurk, brightkite,, Strands, Facebook, and MySpace all have a mobile version of their websites. At this time only Plurk is not allowing my to login to their mobile version with my phone. I have given them two weeks to respond to my request to fix the issue. At this point there has been no response and no fix to the problem.

I have been using the mobile versions for a long time. I have even downloaded a windows mobile app called TwitToday that gives you a place to post what you are doing to twitter. I am looking for a feature that is like this for This would make it a lot easier to post to all my networks at one time. is the first place a take my mobile web browser to when I post an update. Then I load my other networks to see any responses if I think there will be. If I am to busy I just let the responses go, and hope that twhirl will pick them up upon my return to the interwebs.

I added to my iGoogle page. I am sure I will be using it and replacing one of my tabs that load on start of firefox with another flavor of the week social network.

Strands so far is in beta and has no mobile version. I was hoping to see if things were updating but so far no go on being able to check this feature while on vacation.

The mobile version of twitter doesn't allow you to add things to your favorites which some I wish I could have added are long gone.

Brightkite is the only social network that I currently have that is working well here at the beach. Many people using it and you can easily see what is going on in your area. The only sad thing is that most of it is filled with I am at this Hotel or this restaurant. Makes for a boring social network. I can see why twitter is filled with I am eating this or that. I finally posted a picture from my phone to brightkite but it requires me sending and email the a special personal email address. If you only have text messaging on your phone you will be out of luck sending pictures to the service.

Yahoo! Go 3.0

This little cellphone program for windows mobile is really cool. It give me a very easy way to add multiple pictures to from my phone as I take pictures during the day. The flickr feature also keeps a check mark on pictures that have already been uploaded. This gives you a very easy way to keep track and not get confused on which pictures need to be uploaded yet.

Yahoo! Go 3.0 also gives you access to your email, news and other features that are common on the yahoo website. I have found this a must have feature for any new windows mobile phone I will buy.

Yahoo! Go 3.0 also have a weather feature that is far better than any other that I have found so far. You can add multiple cities to track the weather, giving you a quick look at where you are and where you are going to be when traveling.

You can also sync your address book that you have in outlook and on your phone with Yahoo!'s cloud. If you connect to an Exchange server you can still sync with Exchange and then sync your address book to yahoo as well. Giving you two places to look if you need to.