Thursday, December 11, 2008

BlackBerry Storm Update

Well I guess this must be an issue that BlackBerry fixed with I went into options, Advanced Options, and Web Update. I let it download the update that was released yesterday. After the update installed about 1 hr later the phone seemed to be back in working order again.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

BlackBerry Storm Issue

Well it looks like the storm is a really good phone by the most part. I had to setup three of these phones for our network. The phone comes with a rather slow response which could be fixed by going into the options and speeding up the response time.

Today one of the users said their phone was not working. It started to not work correctly while they were on a phone call. The speaker went to a static noise and the dial pad was all messed up that they could not dial another number.

Verizon is replacing the phone so we are waiting for the replacement phone to arrive. I though it was really funny to see the phone the way it was so I took some pictures of the phone. Pity I don't have a better camera to take a picture of the phones screen. The one picture is the keyboard it never converts to the full qwerty keyboard when tilted, and the other picture is the phone dial pad. you will notice that the numbers are not in the correct locations. The keys that are there when you press on them put thoses numbers on the line above.

I will post updates if the replacement phone or any of the others come up with the same or simular problems.