Thursday, May 17, 2007

Ubuntu SMB update

3 updates were released for ubuntu to fix the security flaw in SMB. If you use the SMB for file sharing it would be a good idea to install them asap.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

500GB Hard Drive

I never thought I would see the day that you could pickup a 500GB hard drive for under $200. So I bought one to make a backup of my system which really needed it.

I joined Second Life today also, I guess I will figure out what all of the big deal is with this new way to communicate with people. Friends will be receiving invites once I figure it all out.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Ubuntu updates

Backports updates





Version 0.5.9-1ubuntu2~feisty1:

* Automated backport upload; no source changes.

Version 0.5.9-1ubuntu2:

* debian/rules: Only enable MacBooc on i386 and amd64, since only

works and builds there. Fixes FTBFS on sparc and powerpc.

Version 0.5.9-1ubuntu1:

* Merge with Debian experimental. Remaining Ubuntu changes:

** Ubuntu specific **

- debian/control:

+ Drop linux-kernel-headers dependency (called linux-libc-dev in Ubuntu

which is build-essential).

+ Add XS-Vcs-Bzr, remove Debian's XS-Vcs-Svn.

+ Ubuntu maintainer.

- Launchpad integration:

+ Add p-l-i dependency to hal-device-manager.

+ Add debian/patches/ubuntu-lpi.patch: h-d-m code bits.

- hwdb integration:

+ Add hwdb-client-gnome dependency to hal-device-manager and sharutils

build dependency.

+ Add icons: debian/{hal-cpu,hal-memory,hwdb}.png.uuencode.

+ debian/patches/34-add_hwdb_button.patch: Glade modifications and Python

code hook.

+ debian/rules: uudecode icons during build.

- Langpack support for .desktop file:

+ debian/hal-device-manager.desktop: Add gettext domain, improve comment.

+ Add debian/ .desktop stub for intltool

POT creation.

+ debian/patches/ubuntu-desktop-POTFILES.patch: Add this to


+ debian/rules: Include to do the automagic POT building.

- Ubuntu udev world order:

+ Remove debian/hal.links.

+ debian/rules: Install udev rules into /etc/udev/rules.d/.

+ debian/hal.{preinst,postinst,postrm}: Transition code for changing the

udev rule priority (see, needs to be kept until next


- spec:

+ debian/patches/56_probe_fstab.patch: Check whether a volume or storage

device is present in fstab, and if so, set linux.fstab.options and


+ debian/patches/24_ignored_volumes.patch: Ignore fixed partitions which

are supposed to be mounted automatically in fstab, but aren't.

- debian/patches/62_ignore_single_slash_label.patch: Ignore labels which

only consist of a slash, so that they do not end up as /media/-. An

earlier Ubuntu d-i/ubiquity created those labels by default.

(LP #83323)

** Packaging fixes which should go to Debian **

- Privilege reduction:

+ debian/hal.postinst: Add haldaemon to various groups for removable

device access (floppy, plugdev, etc.).

+ debian/patches/25_privileges-addons.patch: Run addon-storage as


- debian/hal.init.dbus: Use actual init script path in usage help, not

hardcoded /etc/init.d/hal (since it is actually in /etc/dbus/event.d).

(LP #84642)

- debian/hal.postrm: Check mode ($1) properly.

- debian/patches/02_powerscripts.patch: Prefer alternative scripts over

pmi, since pmi is the default.

- debian/ Put absolute paths in HALD_RUNNER_PATH so that

callouts are found, too.

- debian/patches/55_nonpolkit-mount-policy.patch: Implement a policy check

if PolicyKit is not available: Only allow mounting of removable devices

to non-root users.

- debian/patches/62_dbus-python-0.80.patch: Correctly show HAL properties

in hal-device-manager with dbus-python. (FD #9343; rejected upstream

because h-d-m is going away).

** Bug fixes which should go upstream **

- debian/patches/16_ntfs_allowed_mount_options.patch: Allow NTFS mount

option 'utf8' (LP #78142).

- debian/patches/24_ignored_volumes.patch: Ignore fixed partitions but

those mounted to /media.

- debian/patches/59_add_ssb_bus.patch: Add support for devices on the SSB

bus; patch by Matthew Garrett.

- debian/patches/63_fixup_macbookpro.patch: Extend 10-macbookpro-utils.fdi

fixes to more MacBooc models; patch by Matthew Garret.

** Bug fixes from upstream bugzilla **

- debian/patches/65-keyboard-addon-repeated.patch: Do not ignore key

repeat events in the keyboard addon. (FD #9767)

- debian/patches/66-NULL-fstype-crash.patch: Do not crash on NULL

volume.fstypes, and assing some fallback values to them. (FD #10429,

LP #87800)

- debian/patches/67-fix-probe-volume.patch: Fix scrambled labels.

(FD #10362, LP #69914)

Changes in this version:

* Remove debian/10-storage-policy.fdi to stop ejecting all USB/Firewire

devices. (LP: #63090)

* Remove debian/patches/57_allow_bus_virtual.patch: This does not apply at

all to 0.5.9, and must either be confirmed to be obsolete or redone.

* Disable debian/patches/34-add_hwdb_button.patch for now, it needs to be

reworked for 0.5.9.

Version 0.5.9-1:

* New upstream release.

* Patches removed as they were applied or fixed upstream:

- debian/patches/03_macbookpro_configure.patch

- debian/patches/04_cd_write.patch

- debian/patches/05_one_formfactor_fallback.patch

- debian/patches/06_smbios_return.patch

- debian/patches/07_ppc_suspend.patch

- debian/patches/08_openfirmware.patch

- debian/patches/09_check_hashtable_initialisation.patch

- debian/patches/10_callout_errors.patch

- debian/patches/11_no_useless_runner_errors.patch

- debian/patches/12_pegasus_pmu_crash_fix.patch

- debian/patches/13_hal_callout_bashism.patch

- debian/patches/15_partition_probing.patch

- debian/patches/24_dbus_connection_close.patch

- debian/patches/25_correctly_free_lists.patch

- debian/patches/26_fix_hald_not_running_coredump.patch

- debian/patches/27_hal_fix_dbus_error_is_set.patch

- debian/patches/29_handle_non_hal_mounts.patch

- debian/patches/30_cdrom_bogus_tocinfo.patch

* Revised patches:

- debian/patches/02_powerscripts.patch

* debian/patches/19_sonypi_support.patch

- Removed. Instead of relying on the external spicctrl tool, /dev/sonypi

is used directly now by the hal-system-sonypic addon.

* debian/patches/55_nonpolkit-mount-policy.patch

- Removed. We depend on PolicyKit now to check if a user is authorized to

mount local partitions.

* debian/control

- Add Depends: hal-info (>= 20070402) to hal package.

* debian/libhal(-storage)-dev.install

- Do not install libtool *.la files anymore.

* debian/rules

- Remove cdbs rules file.

- Cleanup obsolete rm commands from common-install-impl.

* debian/hal.dirs

- Create the directories /var/cache/hald (fdi files cache) and

/var/lib/hal (dev acl management list).

* debian/hald.8, debian/lshal.1

- Removed. Shipped upstream.

* debian/hal.manpages

- Install upstream manpages. (Closes: #277399)


* debian/no-cd-media-check.fdi

- Re-added "HL-DT-ST DVD-RW GCA-4080N" product string


[ Michael Biebl ]

* debian/control:

- Add an explicit build dependency on docbook-xml so we don't fail on

buildds without network access.

[ Sjoerd Simons ]

* debian/ Always run pumount/umount if a block device is

removed, not only when it's mounted. This ensure that dm devices can be

properly deconfigured by pumount.

* debian/debian-storage-policy-ignore-fixed-crypto-drives.fdi

- Added. Ignore non-removable devices with crypto volumes again

(Closes: #414417)


[ Sjoerd Simons ]

* Acknowledge Steve Langasek's NMU. (Closes: #370186)

* debian/patches/29_handle_non_hal_mounts.patch

- Added. Handle volume removal for mounted volumed that weren't mounted by

hal correctly.

* debian/patches/30_cdrom_bogus_tocinfo.patch

- Added. Some cdrom drives/discs report a wrong start of the session in the

TOC, causing hal to not detect the filesystem. Work around this by

rescanning at offset 0 for discs when filesystem detection fails.

[ Michael Biebl ]

* Add XS-Vcs-* fields to debian/control.

* Drop debian-storage-policy-fixed-drives.fdi in favor of


This fixes the problem that local devices are not shown in nautilus.

(Closes: #394155, #395169, #409879)

* debian/patches/02_powerscripts.patch

- Add support for pm-utils and prefer it over other solutions. This is in

anticipation of hal-0.5.9, where pm-utils will be the preferred backend.

* Install HAL specification document. (Closes: #413813)

- debian/control: Build-Depend on docbook-utils and libxml2-utils.

- debian/rules: Pass --enable-docbook-docs to ./configure.

* debian/watch

- Fix regexp to not match non-hal releases, like hal-info.


* Non-maintainer upload.

* High-urgency upload for RC bugfix.

* Provide /usr/share/doc/hal/examples/no-cd-media-check.fdi as an example

for disabling CD ROM media checks, and document this in README.Debian, as

a workaround for CD drives with broken firmware. Closes: #370186.


* debian/patches/19_sonypi_support.patch

- Added. Fixes the sonypi brightness setting method

(Patch from Mike Hommey) (Closes: #391528)


[ Michael Biebl ]

* debian/hal-doc.install, debian/hal-doc.links

- Install API documentation into /usr/share/doc/hal-doc/html and create a

link back to /usr/share/gtk-doc/html/hal so devhelp can find it.

(Closes: #398803)

* debian/control

- Add a Suggests on devhelp for the hal-doc package which allows to

access the API documentation more easily.

[ Sebastian Dröge ]

* debian/control:

+ Updated to use my mail address

[ Sjoerd Simons ]

* debian/patches/28_runner_64bit_values.patch

- Added. Ensure 64 bit values are correctly aligned before passing them to

dbus (Closes: #404937)

* Urgency high, fixes an RC bug

Friday, May 11, 2007


XBox 360 demo downloads, Forenza Motor Sport 2 and C&C3 I think I picked another one I guess I will see them in the morning when I wake up. Reviews to come. I played C&C 3 and love it very much for the little bit of time I played it.

Leo is going to get me in trouble with all of the new Tech stuff I can play with. and are some of the things I am playing with now. Soon I won't have to surf the internet I will have everything I need at my fingertips. This blog post will appear in tumblr via a rss feed what a cool way to keep track of everything.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Mandriva Spring 2007

A new day a new Linux distro to download. Started the Bit Torrent for this download maybe tomorrow I will get to play with the new version and see what they have added and changed to make it better.


Tumblelogs, since blogs aren't quick enough someone comes up with a faster way to get information you look at faster. I am now also on Anything I put here will also get put there automatically. Also you can now add your rss feeds to this service and all your new can be at one place. The Internet is always changing and getting better.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Patch Tuesday Vista hit again

Well so much for a more secure version of Windows. Microsoft released about 18 new security updates today and sure enough Vista was also hit. If you were running MS Office 2007 you are also hit with security updates. Time to update your Windows systems and reboot again, and again, and again. Even my little test system which does nothing but boot windows needed 5 updates, and a reboot.

Microsoft wasn't the only OS hit with updates this week, my Fedora Core 6 also had 11 updates 5 that I could count were security updates. You have got to love Linux, I did the updates on this system and there was no reboot required this time. The only time my system needs a reboot is if I update a kernel module, dsub, and hal module.

I added more changes to my website making it easy to download my random desktop wallpaper script for my Linux computers. If I ever met the person I found this script from I would kiss them. A little bit of sad news is that I saw that there is a program for windows that does this now. I will update everyone more on this as I get time to test how it works compared to the script I use.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Fedora Core 7 T4 update.

Something new I missed on the new version of Fedore Core 7 is Fedora now has a graphical trouble shooter for SELinux issues. A little Star appears in the applet panel. This allows you to see what was run and what the error was. This will help users figure out why their program was stopped from running. Added security is always a good thing.

A few more updates came in since the last update but since they are still in a Test version I won't be listing them for you. Pigin 2.0.0-0.36 beta7 is the latest version running on the new Fedora giving the final good bye to the old pictures and icons on GAIM. It looks like they could keep all of the old features of this wonderful IM client. I haven't found anything missing yet.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Main Site updated.

The more time I get to look at my websites the more I find that needs editing. New Laptop running Linux has been added to the Linux info section of our site. Ubuntu, Debian and Fedora updates added to the systems running those versions. Links to this blog have been added to the website where I think they should be added in the Linux and Community sections for support. Current projects under way are customized support area for clients, updates and additions to the Community area, better contact us form, and more tutoring links.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Ubuntu updates for Ubuntu 7.04

capplets-data now updated to 1:2.18.1-0ubuntu2.1 from 1:2.18.1-0ubuntu2

gnome-control-center 1:2.18.1-0ubuntu2.1 from 1:2.18.1-0ubuntu2

libgnome-window-settings1 1:2.18.1-0ubuntu2.1 from 1:2.18.1-0ubuntu2

libslab0 1:2.18.1-0ubuntu2.1 from 1:2.18.1-0ubuntu2

All of the updates listed above are to fix/update music player keycode (Ubuntu: #107484)