Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Patch Tuesday Vista hit again

Well so much for a more secure version of Windows. Microsoft released about 18 new security updates today and sure enough Vista was also hit. If you were running MS Office 2007 you are also hit with security updates. Time to update your Windows systems and reboot again, and again, and again. Even my little test system which does nothing but boot windows needed 5 updates, and a reboot.

Microsoft wasn't the only OS hit with updates this week, my Fedora Core 6 also had 11 updates 5 that I could count were security updates. You have got to love Linux, I did the updates on this system and there was no reboot required this time. The only time my system needs a reboot is if I update a kernel module, dsub, and hal module.

I added more changes to my website making it easy to download my random desktop wallpaper script for my Linux computers. If I ever met the person I found this script from I would kiss them. A little bit of sad news is that I saw that there is a program for windows that does this now. I will update everyone more on this as I get time to test how it works compared to the script I use.

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