Sunday, May 06, 2007

Fedora Core 7 T4 update.

Something new I missed on the new version of Fedore Core 7 is Fedora now has a graphical trouble shooter for SELinux issues. A little Star appears in the applet panel. This allows you to see what was run and what the error was. This will help users figure out why their program was stopped from running. Added security is always a good thing.

A few more updates came in since the last update but since they are still in a Test version I won't be listing them for you. Pigin 2.0.0-0.36 beta7 is the latest version running on the new Fedora giving the final good bye to the old pictures and icons on GAIM. It looks like they could keep all of the old features of this wonderful IM client. I haven't found anything missing yet.

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