Monday, April 30, 2007

Fedora Core 7 Test 4

A smooth install, and I see they finally fixed the X server to adjust the screen resolution right after the resolution is changed. This is more like Windows has been, and Ubuntu 6.10 and 7.04 was when I had them installed.

I have not found many new features to talk about on this one. I did find, other than the X server resolution change, that the System Menu, Preferences and Administrator menu are now broken down into more sub menus. Way to go for better organization. In Fedora Core 7 they upgraded the OpenOffice to 2.2 skipping the 2.1 release, and are now running Firefox 2.0.3, which was not available in the Core 6 version unless you installed it manually. I am currently running FC7 in a virtual machine. This version is also sporting the new 2.6.21 kernel. Ubuntu 7.04 is running the 2.6.20 kernel. The default log on screen now look more like Windows does with the press on the username, and type in that user's password. You can still type in the user's name and password if you really want to (I do). Once logged in you will see your Name on the panel which allows for user switching between users on your computer.

Gaim's name is changed to Pidgin, since AOL didn't like it being so close to the AIM trademark. If you are looking for the Terminal it got moved to System Tools.

You will also notice that there are also Documents, Download, Music, Pictures, Public, Templates, and Videos folders the are now default in your Home directory. I think this will help the basic user be able to use Fedora as a Linux alternative to Windows.

Ubuntu seems to have a very user friendly interface and install. I will have to test the Live CD for Fedora next. So far for a Test version I think it is ready to go live from what I have seen so far. Test 4 is a far better improvement than Test 1 and 2 were when they were released. Keep up the good work Fedora Developers.

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