Friday, December 17, 2004

Parties, 72 Pin SIMMs and Juno.

Not in any order but today was fun. Filled with I think I have that part somewhere or we can convert those files for you, and of course a night out with college people.

Juno Email program really sucks, you can't convert it into any other program with out first converting it to something else. A friend at work had this old computer and wanted to copy all of his old Juno Email 4.0 program emails to his new computer and wipe the old computer clean. Well at work we have thrown away faster computers than this one, but I always love a challenge. It turns out that some very bright person made a conversion program, but it only works with the Juno 5.0 program. More hoops to jump through. I finally got it upgraded to Juno 5.0 on my computer with the data from the old computer. Then ran this cool little program. It made all of the emails into Eudora format, which imports right into ThunderBird.

Sharing internet on this old computer is now the next thing to do. It will run Windows 98SE or Windows 2000, but more memory is suggested and you guessed it by now that I have a ton of computer parts all over the place. Digging through all of this stuff I found an old processor that I think will fit into this old computer. Also to computer takes only 72 pin SIMMs or 30 pin SIMMs. I haven't had the pleasure to play with such an old computer in a while. I love the challenge. Yes I have old 72 pin SIMMs here as well. Maybe I will get some time to work on this little project on Monday.

I am not a party person but my wife wanted to go and drag me along with. I am not even on a close field of work that these people are in, and all I could do was sit and listen. The food was nice and the place was good. Normally I wouldn't be in a place like that unless I had to work there or setup a network, but oh well it was fun.

I figured out how to add a bio page to my site, and make it still flow. Each user that becomes a registered user to the site will be assigned a personal support person. This will be the perfect place to place my bio, but the only problem is only the people that get assigned to my will end up with my bio. Other people will get their support person's bio and not mine. I guess I can't will them all 100% of the time but at least it is a start.

Everyone once in a while I get in the mood to pick up a pencil and draw. Normally something I see, so here is my first public display of my art work. I figure this is the perfect place to show case my lack of art skills, but what the heck. I still watch cartoons/anime so here is a person from one of the shows I sometimes watch.

Maybe some day I will get time to draw more often but until that day finally comes I will still find each challenge and beat it to death, and never quit. Once you say you can't you have already lost the battle. Can't should never be something any one is ever taught to say or think.

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