Friday, March 04, 2005

Keeping up with new technology, and bloggies

I can't believe there are bloggies an award for writing these little things. Many people getting awards seem to just be repeating things that many other people have already done. Oh well I could care less if I got anything for what I write.

I updated my forum on my website last night all to keep my users secure from the hackers out there. I really hate companies that release a patch, and two days later they release a patch to the patch. Oops we missed this security issue.

Maybe I should email all of my MSN Group members that we now have a new site for their needs. I have noticed a slow down since I closed the MSN chat room. No way I am going to pay to chat when I don't get paid from the people I was helping.

The college I am now going to is on spring break this week, whoopee!!! I still have to work a job to pay the bills. No nice trips to places where people can get drunk and party. So since I don't have class I will finish my assignment.

I finally had time to update my blog profile so now people if they want can find out more about me. New technology coming in, have to go learn it to help everyone else use it.

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