Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Things new to remember

Well it has been a while. I finally got all of my video stuff setup, and now I can watch all of the MPEG file on my TV what a wonderful thing.

www.icerocket.com New search engine kind of like google with picture of website.
www.blinkx.com Search the internet for video files, TV shows, and more.

More updates to my website are coming soon.

Tax day for me will come before I think I will be ready for it. I still have to get all of my information together.

I just wonder if anyone ever reads this blog. I guess I will have to check my server log when I get some free time.

I started college again and now I only have one class. So far so good. One test and 2 projects done. I still have an A if that counts for anything. I will end up adding these things to my website also. I need more programming things there. I just love programming. I thought it would be a little harder since I have taken a 5 year break from programming. I guess the brain of a 28 year old is a little more logical than a 20 year old.

Someday I will get my Sun Solaris 10 workstation working so I can compile my projects at home with out having to compile them at college.

Feel free to view my website if you haven't before. www.terryesnyderjr.com

I love a computer challenge every now and then.

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